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Hamilton Heights School

Hammels-Arverne Day Care Center

Harbor Science And Arts Charter School

Harlem Academy

Harlem Childrens Zone Promise Academy Charter Schoolo

Harlem Childrens Zone Promise Academy Ii Charter S

Harlem Day Charter School

Harlem International Community School

Harlem Link Charter School

Harlem Renaissence High School

Harlem Success Academy Charter School

Harlem Success Academy Charter School 2

Harlem Success Academy Charter School 3

Harlem Success Academy Charter School 4

Harlem Village Academy Charter School Ehvacs

Harvey Milk High School

Hebrew Kindergarten & Infants Home Inc

Henry Street School For International Studies

Heritage School (The)

Hewitt School

High School For Arts, Imagination And Inquiry

High School For Dual Language And Asian Studies

High School For Environmental Studies

High School For HeAlternativeh Careers & Sciences

High School For HeAlternativeh Professions & Human Service

High School For International-Business & Finance

High School For Law & Public Service

High School For Law Advocacy And Community Justice

High School For Media & Communications

High School Math Science And Engineering At Ccny

High School Of Arts And Technology

High School Of Economics & Finance

High School Of Fashion Industries

High School Of Graphic Communication Arts

High School Of Hospitality Management

Highland Elementary School

Highway Christian Academy

Holy Child Jesus School

Holy Cross School

Holy Family School

Holy Name Of Jesus

Holy Trinity Community School

Hs 560 City-As-School

Humanities Preparatory Academy

Hunter College Elementary School


Pace High School

Park East High School

Parkside School

Philosophy Day School

Powell Middle School For Law And Social Justice

Professional Childrens School

Professional Performing Arts High School

Professor Juan BoSchool Public School

Ps 1 Alfred E Smith

Ps 101 Andrew Draper

Ps 102 Jacques Cartier

Ps 108 Assembly Angelo Del Toro School

Ps 11 William T Harris

Ps 110 Florence Nightingale

Ps 111 Adolph S Ochs

Ps 112 Jose Celso Barbosa

Ps 115 Alexander Humboldt

Ps 116 Mary Lindley Murray

Ps 123 Mahalia Jackson

Ps 124 Yung Wing

Ps 125 Ralph Bunche

Ps 126 Jacob August Riis

Ps 128 Audubon

Ps 129 John H Finley

Ps 130 Hernando Desoto

Ps 132 Juan Pablo Duarte

Ps 133 Fred R Moore

Ps 134 Henrietta Szold

Ps 137 John L Bernstein

Ps 138

Ps 140 Nathan Straus

Ps 142 Amalia Castro

Ps 145 Bloomingdale

Ps 146 Anna M Short

Ps 149 Sojourner Truth

Ps 15 Roberto Clemente

Ps 150

Ps 152 Dyckman Valley

Ps 153 Adam Clayton Powell

Ps 154 Harriet Tubman

Ps 155 William Paca

Ps 158 Baylard Taylor

Ps 161 Pedro Albizu Campos

Ps 163 Alfred E Smith

Ps 165 Robert E Simon

Ps 166 Richard Rogers School For The Arts & Scienc

Ps 169 Robert F Kennedy

Ps 171 Patrick Henry

Ps 173

Ps 175 Henry H Garnet

Ps 18 Park Terrace

Ps 180 Hugo Newman

Ps 183 Robert L Stevenson

Ps 184 Shuang Wen

Ps 185 John M Langston

Ps 187 Hudson Cliffs

Ps 188 The Island School

Ps 189

Ps 19 Asher Levy

Ps 191 Amsterdam

Ps 192 Jacob H Schooliff

Ps 194 Countee Cullen

Ps 197 John B Russwurm

Ps 198 Isador E Ida Straus

Ps 199 Jesse Isador Straus

Ps 2 Meyer London

Ps 20 Anna Silver

Ps 200 James Mccune Smith

Ps 206 Jose Celso Barbosa

Ps 208 Alaine L Locke

Ps 210 21St Century Academy

Ps 212 Midtown West

Ps 234 Independence School

Ps 241 Family Academy

Ps 242 Gwendolyn Powell Brown Computer School

Ps 28 Wright Brothers

Ps 290 Manhattan New School

Ps 3 Charrette School

Ps 30 Hernandez/Hughes

Ps 325

Ps 33 Chelsea Prep

Ps 333 Manhattan School For Children

Ps 34 Franklin D Roosevelt

Ps 35

Ps 36 Margaret Douglas

Ps 38 Roberto Clemente

Ps 4 Duke Ellington

Ps 40 Augustus Saint-Gaudens

Ps 41 Greenwich Village

Ps 42 Benjamin Alternativeman

Ps 46 Arthur Tappan

Ps 48 Po Michael J Buczek

Ps 5 Ellen Lurie

Ps 50 Vito Marcantonio

Ps 51 Elias Howe

Ps 59 Beekman Hill International

Ps 6 Lillie D Blake

Ps 63 William Mckinley

Ps 64 Robert Simon

Ps 7 Samuel Stern

Ps 72

Ps 721M Manhattan Occupational Training Center

Ps 75 Emily Dickinson

Ps 76 A Phillip Randolph

Ps 77 Lower Lab School

Ps 79 Horan School

Ps 8 Luis Belliard

Ps 811M Mickey Mantle School

Ps 83 Luis Munoz Rivera

Ps 84 Lilian Weber

Ps 87 William Sherman

Ps 89

Ps 9 Sarah Anderson

Ps 92 Mary Mcleod Bethune

Ps 96 Joseph Lanzetta

Ps 98 Shorac Kappock

Ps M094

Ps M226

Ps/Is 278


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